Topic outline

  • Welcome to the course "Risk Management in Accounting (2021)." On this homepage, you can find the syllabus along with the latest announcements. 

    Please join the "online" introductory lecture on 12.1.2021 (14:15 - 16:00) on Zoom. The Zoom link will be privately shared with the enrolled participants of the course. 

    Group-work presentation schedule: 

    Team # Team Name Team members Topic Presentation Time
    Team 1 Team “Deutsche Bank” Ilkka Haapaniemi
    Kasperi Lepistö
    Sirpa Leppäkangas
    Xijie Ma
    Behavioral approach to risk management and Deutsche Bank 18th Jan 9:20 - 9:50
    Team 2 Team 2 Paavo Perälä
    Otto Lumijärvi

    Internal control over financial reporting (Enron case)
    18th Jan 10:05 - 10:35
    Team 3 No risk, No reward
    Elisa Mäki
    Julia Joenpolvi
    Mikaela Urpalainen
    Minka Sukanen

    Risk management & performance management + Bernie Madoff Scandal
    16th Jan 17:05 - 17:35
    Team 5 Risk Assessors
    Heta Mäkinen
    Petra Koivuvaara
    Jenna Punakivi
    Ville Kinnunen
    Risk management in startup firms (Case: Theranos) 16th Jan 17:35 - 18:05
    Team 10 Team MERK
    Krister Saarinen
    Elias Peltonen
    Matias Kauhanen
    Riku Tolvanen

    Wells Fargo sales practices scandal - Internal audit & risk management
    16th Jan 16:20 - 16:50
    Team 11 Team 11
    Jessika Blomqvist
    Otso Kotilainen 
    Pauliina Salokangas 
    Maria Vester 
    Risk Management in Financial Industry (Credit Risk, Financial crisis, Covid-19) 16th Jan 15:35 - 16:05
    Team 15 Risky trio
    Aura Hemminki
    Johanna Hytönen
    Pauliina Pitkänen 

    ERM and risk culture - Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
    16th Jan 15:05 - 15:35
    Team C Team C
    Rauramaa, Julius
    Roivas, Teemu
    Virtanen, Jutta
    Facebook 16th Jan 14:20 - 14:50

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    The course material is primarily divided into six topics (six lectures) and two broad modules. 

    The first module primarily focuses on how risk management is configured and experienced by "internal" stakeholders of organizations. This module covers the first four topics (in four lectures): i) Different perspectives on risk - enterprise risk management, risk culture ii) Risk management and management accounting, risk maps & risk regulation iii) Corporate governance and risk management - three lines of defense, COSO ERM & IC - risk appetite, risk oversight and iv) ISO 31000 standard - risk analysis. 

    The second module primarily focuses on risks and risk management regarding external reporting. This module covers the last two topics (in two lectures): v) Risk reporting, and vi) Risk management and financial reporting.


  • You have to submit 2 out of 3 learning diaries AND 2 out of 4 cases as individual assignments. Each learning log/case assignment is worth 6 points.

    Group assignment need to be submitted in a team of four. 26 points for report and 10 for presentation. All team members have to present.

    Note: Those of you who have already completed 2 learning diaries, please do 2 of the 4 case assignments. Those of you who have completed 1 learning diary, please do the left over third learning diary and any of the 2 case assignments. Those of you who have not yet done even one learning diary, please do the third learning diary and do any of the 3 case assignments out of 4. Also, the deadline for case assignment 1 is moved to 23rd January.
  • Exam question and supplementary files will be available in the folder "Exam QUESTIONS" five minutes before 14:00 (= 13:55) on 9th April. This folder will only be accessible to students who have registered for the Re-exam. 

    A turnitin assignment submission box will also be available at the same time. Stop writing at 1700 and submit your word file using the turnitin assignment before 1705.