Topic outline

  • The fall term 2020 Bachelor's Thesis work will start with a virtual kick-off session on September 7 between 14:15 and 15:15 
    (Zoom Meeting ID: See the Materials page).

    Please do the following before the start of the semester.

    • Register via WebOodi.
    • See the Materials page for useful materials, instructions, and example theses. We will discuss everything related to working on your in the kick-off session but you might want to take a look at the materials to have a better clue of what's coming. Please note that some of the materials (most importantly the kick-off presentation) might still refer to the fall term.
    • See the Assignments page for the  pre-course assignment that you need to turn in before the kick-off session (due: September 7 14:00).
    • Start thinking about your topic. The documents on the Materials page provide guidance on choosing a topic. You don't need to pick your topic before the beginning of the semester but it will certainly help if you already have an idea of what you want to work on.