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    In the course, we will get acquainted with the role of regulation in financial markets, especially its impact on the markets as one of the market mechanisms. Our focus will be in observing how regulation aims at promoting its main objectives, ensuring smooth and effective functioning of the markets and investor protection – and how these goals are achieved in practice.

    Our main goal is to understand market mechanism by the help of examples from most general everyday presence of regulation in the markets, like disclosure and insider rules, as well as from more sophisticated special phenomena regulated in law. These observations should also enhance our practical skills as actors in financial markets, e.g. by facilitating “financial literacy” to understand financial reporting and other market information. Topics discussed include securities markets, banks, investment firms and many others. And, perhaps most importantly, there is – literally –a vital interest of being aware of the current status of sustainable finance, as it is reflected in regulation.

    The course is completed as follows:

    1. Lectures 20 hours.

    Acceptable completion of lectures can replace one exam question. Lectures can be completed by a lecture examination or by a separately agreed case analysis, which the student gives at the lectures in addition to following the lectures. The lecture examinations are held on the second last and last lectures.

    2. Exam.

    The course will be held as remote meetings on this MyCourses platform using the Zoom meeting tool. No face-to-face meetings will be held.

    More detailed information on the course and structure of the course will be added soon.

    These websites will be completed until the beginning of the course (and beyond). You should follow the development of the pages (which can be a bit slow at first) - and contact me to give content and implementation tips and to find out the issues related to completing the course: