Topic outline

  • General

    We will meet at this Zoom address every Tue and Thu 12.1-6.4.2021 at 17:15-20:00 EET. (Anu Välitalo will teach on Tuesdays and Petri Eskelinen on Thursdays.)

    On the Freehand drawing course students will try out and train different drawing tools and materials such as the pencil, ink with pen (and brush), charcoal, graphite and different kinds of pens and paints. Students will draw at home and at public locations, interiors and exteriors. The aim is to develop one’s drawing skills, widen the range of tools and materials to use, develop one’s perception and motoric skills, and eventually develop one’s artistic expression and find tools, themes and motives that enable a lifetime habit of drawing and the use of drawing as a part of one’s art and thinking by drawing.


    Most important of all: Get yourself a sketchbook!

    We will be using

    -       pencils, charcoal, pen and ink with waterbased ink
    -       pens and colours and paints of your choice (such as pastels or oil pastels, aquarelle and/or acrylic paints or acrylic inks, brush pens, graphite, technical marker pens).

     You will also need
    -       good quality drawing/mixed media paper block, size A2
    -       a sketch book (which you can carry easily everywhere),
    -       and at least 250g smooth surface aquarelle paper A2 and some A1 for ink (and paints such as acrylics or aquarelle) and of course, brushes, pen holders and nibs