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    Teaching sessions


    TUE 12.01.2021 09:15–17:00, Course intro, themes and arrangements
    FRI 15.01.2021 09:15–15:00, Shared session with TS1. Guest lecture by lecturer Miikka Junnila on game design principles (slides here). 2nd year students present their Thematic Studio 1 work, aim for 2 minute presentations.


    TUE 19.01.2021 09:15–17:00, Guest lecture by professor Teemu Leinonen on learning and constructivist learning theories. Group exercises on pedagogy (slides and instructions).
    FRI 22.01.2021 09:15–15:00, Guest lectures by professor of practice Lauri Järvilehto on learning as play and research manager Katriina Heljakka on play & toy cultures across the lifespan.


    TUE 26.01.2021 09:15–17:00, Game testing and feedback with lecturer Miikka Junnila, benchmarking for design (slides and instructions).
    THU 28.01.2021 09:15–12:00, History of digital games (slides and slides).


    TUE 02.02.2021 09:15–17:00, Lecture on diffusion and domestication theory; essay work; tutoring.
    THU 04.02.2021 09:15–12:00, Your presentations (15 min each) & discussions.
    FRI 05.02.2021 - DL: Benchmarking Report


    TUE 09.02.2021 09:15–17:00, Ideation work (individually), tutoring.
    THU 11.02.2021 09:15–12:00 - DL: Ideas presentation (5 min each); Groups are formed.


    MON 15.02.2021 - DL: Diffusion Essay
    TUE 16.02.2021 09:15–17:00, Group work
    THU 18.02.2021 09:15–12:00, Reviews and tutoring in groups


    FRI 26.02.2021 09:15–17:00 - DL: Mid-term presentations


    MON 01.03.2021 13:00–15:00, Guest lecture by researcher Riikka Aurava on learning games
    WED 03.03.2021 09:15–17:00, Tutoring sessions


    MON 08.03.2021 13:00–15:00, Guest lecture by senior lecturer Jaakko Stenros: In the Defence of Magic Circle
    WED 10.03.2021 09:15–17:00, TBC -- Markku in the admission interviews


    MON 15.03.2021 13:00–15:00, Shared session with TS1
    WED 17.03.2021 09:15–17:00, Tutoring sessions


    MON 22.03.2021 13:00–15:00, Shared session with TS1
    WED 24.03.2021 09:15–17:00, Tutoring sessions


    MON 29.03.2021 13:00–15:00, Shared session with TS1
    WED 31.03.2021 09:15–17:00, Tutoring sessions


    -- Easter Monday --
    WED 07.04.2021 09:15–17:00, Tutoring sessions


    WED 14.04.2021 9:00–16:00, TS1 final presentations with TS2 students as opponents

    FRI 16.04.2021 09:15–17:00 - DL: Final presentations

    FRI 30.04.2021 - DL: Project Report

    Schedule is subject to changes, notified via course announcements.

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