Topic outline

  • If you did not receive your Lab Pass during Periods IV-Summer 2021
    (due to corona virus restrictions),
    you can collect them from Student Service Pop-up Desk in CHEM Lobby (Kemistintie 1), September 2021 Orientation Week onwards.
    Please check the opening hours from INTO. 

    Welcome to Bachelor and Master Students' Lab Safety Course in CHEM. The course consists of Virtual Lab Space and a Digital Exam. 

    • This is 100 % digital course and you can take it anytime during the year. 
    • This course is compulsory if you wish to take  any lab courses in AALTO CHEM.   
    • Access to CHEM Buildings is also automatically linked to passing this course (unless you have passed "CHEM-A1010 Turvallinen työskentely laboratoriossa" earlier). 
    • After passing this course, you will receive a Lab Pass which MUST be attached on your lab coat before entering the labs. 

    NOTE: PhD students and other researchers must pass the CHEM Staff's Lab Safety Course (not this one). Ask more information from HR.

    Bachelor and Master Students, please follow the instructions below:
    1. Sign into the course in WebOODI - sign into the teaching session for Spring 2021.
    2. Come back here and choose Virtual Lab and Digital Exam (from left of this page).
    3. Follow the link to the Virtual Labs (AALTOLAB) and study all the material there.
      Technical support:
    4. Come back here and take the Digital Exam:
      • In order to pass, you need to get 50 % of points.
      • The exam is evaluated automatically and you will get the feedback immediately whether you passed or not.
      • You can take the exam as many times you like, no point reduction follows from several attempts.
    5. After passing the Digital Exam, a Lab Pass will be printed to you. The Lab Pass looks like below:
    yo name

    Due to corona virus situation, we cannot unfortunately organise Lab Pass collection times in Period IV or Period V. 

    You can still attend the labs after passing Lab Safety Exam:
    just show from your MyCourses/Grades section that you have received over 50 % points from Lab Safety Exam to the teacher of the lab course.

    Thank you for your co-operation!