Topic outline

  • General

    Field workshop / Seili island

    The workshop takes the form of a 5-day (Tue-Sat) residency in Seili island, a former asylum site which currently hosts the University of Turku Archipelago Research Institute. By getting acquainted with basic natural research as well as the history and present of the island, located in the Archipelago National Park nature preservation area, the students can take multiple angles of view to one place. The workshop is a treatise into the variety of knowledge one place/location/context can produce and how that knowledge can be applied into scientific and/or artistic practice. After the workshop, we will present the outcome of the week in an exhibition at Aalto University.

    Accommodation in Seili is a self-catering house with shared bedrooms for two people each. We travel to the island with bus and ferry.


    20.10. Departure to Seili island
    24.10. Return from Seili island

    06.11.  Set up of the exhibition at FK lobby in Väre
    20.11. Take down of the exhibition at FK lobby in Väre