Topic outline

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    Workshop by Maija Tammi 16.11.–4.12.2020.

    Disturbing photographs is a workshop that examines terms abject, uncanny and (aesthetic) disgust in relation to making photographic art. The workshop examines how photographs can turn mundane into eerie or disgusting and how disgust and fascination intertwine in artworks. The aim of the workshop is to learn the concepts of disgust, uncanny and abject, and apply them as an inspiration or as a method in the making of photographic artworks.

    For more details, please see the course syllabus.

    Monday 16.11. at 9–15 Contact teaching – Introduction and warm up
    Friday 20.11. at 9-15 zoom – Uncanny
    Monday 23.11. at 9–15 zoom – Abject
    Tuesday 24.11. at 9–15 zoom – Aesthetic Disgust
    Monday 30.11. at 9–14 zoom – Photography in relation to Uncanny, Abject, and Aesthetic Disgust
    Friday 4.12. at 9–15 Contact teaching – Review of practice works