Topic outline

  • Physical Interaction Design course aims to explore and investigate the tools, concepts and practices for planing and building new interactions with digital environments.The course focuses on multimodal interaction as lenses to discuss approaches and methodologies for the creation of interactive installations, physical media/image/sound projects and artistic strategies for the creation of experimental musical compositions.

    With a hands on approach this course invites students to experiment with sensor technologies, micro controllers and thus confront fundamental concepts and technical issues faced during the design of digital products, services and interactive arts.

    Equally important part of the course is that we dedicate half of the contact hours for project work in the classroom where the lecturer supports students by giving sufficient guidance, feedback and tutoring. The students submit their project ideas / proposals and during this course they develop; their problem solving abilities, design decisions, depth of understanding through the challenges they face in developing and implementing their projects, aesthetic and originality of their projects’, analysis of their project components, user interface design strategies in relation to the production of the project, code design quality in terms of the ways they use physical-interaction understanding to come up and develop alternative solutions for their idea generation and project implementation. At the end of the course, students present their projects and they receive feedback / comments both from the lecturer and students. Each student project work is assessed with the criteria on the above-mentioned objectives of the course.


    G014 Mekatroniikka, Väre

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