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      After the course the student is familiar with the legislation and revised legislative proposals on waste and their impact on electronics design and their lifecycles including EU's long-term targets on circular economy. The student will gain knowledge on resource management, manufacturing and supply of metallic materials and their environmental impact, on manufacturing processes of electronic products (inc PCBs, components, displays, batteries, mechanics) and their environmental performance. The student will also become familiar with the reuse and recycling logistics and methods considering specifically the responsibilities of the manufacturer as well as the process of life cycle assessment.

      Course schedule:
      9.9. Course introduction, sustainability in electronics and main legislation
      11.9. Life cycle assessment (LCA)
      16.9. 1st LCA exercise: Case simple
      18.9. Manufacturing of electronic components, circuit boards and equipment
      23.9. – 7.10. 2nd LCA exercise: Case smartwatch
      9.10. Metals in electronics - metals production
      14.10 Unit processes in metal production and recycling
      16.10. Homework clinic I
      21.10. Recycling of metals
      23.10. Homework clinic II
      28.10. Visiting lecture: Nokia case study
      30.10. Reports and presentations 2nd LCA exercise
      4.11. Eco-design & concepts towards zero carbon in EEE, 3rd LCA exercise: Case carbon neutrality
      6.11. – 11.11. Assisted group work
      18.11. Review results LCA
      18.11. – 25.11. Group work, inc. preparation reports/presentations
      27.11. Reports and presentations 3rd LCA exercise