Topic outline

  • The schedule for the course is shown below. Learning sessions will be hosted by University lecturer Jussi Nikander, unless noted otherwise in the description of the session. The exercise sessions will be hosted by the course teaching assistant, Mr. Jan Pisl.

    For the requirements how to pass the course, please consult the slides for the first learning session, available in the Materials page.

    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
  • Exercise sessions

    The course exercise sessions will be held in MS Teams. We have created a Team (GIS-E1070 Theories and Technicues, fall 2020) team for this. In order to join the team, you can either download the MS Teams software to your own computer or use the web version at Log into teams using your Aalto account.

    In teams we have a channel (Queue for assistance) which can be used during exercise sessions to ask for detailed help (via chat or video call) from the course staff. You can also ask for advice on the general channel at any time. We'll follow the channel and answer as soon as we can, but you can also receive peer advice there.

  • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student