Topic outline

  • General


    This virtual doctoral-level course is organised as an ongoing seminar with hands-on workshops using Zoom and Miro, running from September until December, and from February until June. Each session takes place on the first Thursday of the month, from 13.00 to 16.00 Helsinki time. Sessions in September and February are designed to uncover research needs of the participants, which inform the sessions in the following months. Additionally, during these reflection sessions, participants form pairs or trios. In these teams, a homework assignment will be completed outside of class. Each team will share ongoing work, provide in-depth feedback, and engage in extensive reflection to elevate ongoing work and learning.

    Participants are expected to be actively engaging in conducting and publishing doctoral-level research relevant to design and innovation in order to be able to complete in-class assignments. 

    Learning outcomes

    During the course, students will become

    • more familiar with a variety of research methods in design and innovation studies
    • more capable in developing and implementing a research process when studying human subjects from research design to dissemination
    • more confident in providing and receiving feedback on various research activities and output


    The course offers a total of nine sessions (3 hours each) and two homework assignments (27 hours each). To receive credits, you are to complete a learning diary with reflections on the sessions you attended. Depending on the number of sessions attended and the depth of reflections, a maximum of 1 credit can be earned. Additionally, for each homework assignment, you are to complete an individual report describing the work, feedback, reflections and learnings. Depending on the depth of the reflections, a maximum of 1 credit can be earned per assignment. Thus, in total 3 credits can be gathered within one year. You can take the course as often as you'd like, with a maximum of 5 credits.


    Please contact Teo Keipi, Floris van der Marel or Tua Björklund if you have any questions, or would like to take part in the course (joining can happen at any time throughout the year).