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    Welcome to the course “MNGT-C2001 - International Business in the Era of Disruptions”! 

    In this course you will learn about the global business environment. We will discuss the opportunities and the challenges of global business as well as the main forces affecting international strategy and operations.  

    The course will be interactive and we will have several guest lectures, to give you many perspectives on international business. Our teaching methods include interactive Zoom sessions, reflection papers on specific themes, a real-life case project in teams, as well as a video assignment.  

    In our pedagogical design much of the learning takes place in the class. This means that regular class attendance is expected. The good news is that it counts toward the final grade! We also like to promote active and stimulating class discussions. 

    For more detailed information, please consult the syllabus here on MyCourses.  For any additional questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to use the discussion forum here on MyCourses, or email emilia.erapolku@aalto.fi for additional details. 

    Please note that attendance in the first session (Tue 2.3.) is required in order to sign up for the course and the team formation.

    We look forward to meeting you all online on Tuesday, March 2! 

    Perttu KähäriProfessor of Practice, Teacher in Charge 

    Emilia Eräpolku, Teaching Assistant 

  • Tillgänglig om: You are a(n) Studerande
  • Tillgänglig om: You are a(n) Studerande

    Readings for the session:

    Hill & Hult, Chapters 1, 7.

    Robert Grosse (2019). International Trade Policy: A Technical Note. Thunderbird School of Global Management publication TB0567, 17 pages.

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    Hill & Hult, Chapters 12 (pp. 331-350), 13 

    Benjamin Rosa, Philippe Gugler & Alain Verbeke (2020). Regional and global strategies of MNEs: Revisiting Rugman & Verbeke (2004). Journal of International Business Studies (published July 2nd 2020)

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    Hill & Hult Chapter 17 

    Björkman, et al. (2017)

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    Mercer. (n.d.) Our thinking: Talking to your employees about diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Available from: https://www.mercer.us/our-thinking/career/talking-to-your-employees-about-diversity-inclusion-belonging.html 

    Teaching case (in MyCourses): A Fish in Foreign Waters – Case of PLT consulting

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    1. Reserve a slot for your team (instructions in the scheduler).

    2. Provide us with your plan for the case report during the feedback session. You may use slides as your supporting material.

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    Cuervo-Cazurra, A., Doz, A., and Gaur, A. (2020) Skepticism of globalization and global strategy: Increasing regulations and countervailing strategies. Global Strategy Journal, 10(1). Available from: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/gsj.1374

    The Economist: 'Will covid kill globalisation?' 30.9.2020 (14min) 

    Guest speaker: Aku Siukosaari, Launcher at Wolt

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    Case assignment deliverables 


    1) Report to case company in the form of PowerPoint slide deck, containing the analysis and potential solutions. The number of slides is not limited. 

    2) Pitch presentation (max. 5 minutes), where you may use a subset of your slide deck. 


    • Upload both slides decks (report and presentation) to MyCourses by midnight on 29 March. 

    • Online team presentation on March 30. 

    Only one person in each group needs to return the slides


    Maximum number of points for the assignment is 40. Both the report and the pitch will be taken into account in the evaluation.

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  • Tillgänglig om: You are a(n) Studerande

    Select one interesting learning point from the course 

    In the video 

    • explain your topic, what it is about and why it is interesting 

    • use different ways to argue for your point 

    • consider this as a sales pitch for your learning point 

    Making the video 

    • choose freely your format (talking head, interview, other visuals…) 

    • focus on the content and the clarity of your message 

    • your video should be 3-5 minutes long 

    • Aalto recommends Panopto (with Aalto account), but you can use any software 


    • Submit to MyCourses as a link 

    • Submit by midnight, Thu 8 April. 

    Late submissions will be penalized.