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    In this section you will find some general information about the course, including ZOOM LINK to all our online contact teaching sessions. We hope this information can help you to plan your work throughout the course and to support you for a better learning experience. 

    Course arrangements & key dates

    - This course happens over two periods: Period IV and V, over a total of 12 weeks.
    - Contact teaching will happen every Monday from 1st March until 24th May, except on 5th April (Easter Monday) and 12th April (Period break).
    - Contact teaching will happen online, using Zoom.
    – Independent group work activities (assignments) are scheduled during contact teaching and outside contact teaching hours, that students will have to arrange with their own teams. Where possible, and following the Covid-19 safety regulations at the time, we encourage you to conduct group work on-site with your team mates. Likewise, independent project work (assignments) could be arranged to happen on-site. 

    Contact teaching on Mondays will follow this structure:
    09.15 - 12.00 Lecture (online) 
    12.00 - 13.15 Lunch break / Mobilise for on-site team meeting (if possible, as described above)
    13.15 - 15.30 Independent group assignment (offline / on-site, with your team) 
    15.30 - 17.00 Group Tutorial (30 min. slot) (online)

    Workload overview:

    The course is 10 ECTS. This equals 270 total hours of work, or 19.2 hours per week, which is roughly 3 full working days per week. 

    Activities have been distributed week-by-week to consider a balance in the workload. Please check the overview of the week by week activities below to help you plan your time ahead.  
    Note that there are certain weeks that are more demanding than others. Specially on Period IV the group work is more intense on Weeks 2-4,  due to arranging and conducting fieldwork. In contrast, in Period V the intensity on group work will decrease. 

    Period V week-by-week activities:
    Period V

    Period IV week-by-week activities:
    Period IV Overview

    Teaching team: 

    Núria Solsona Caba
    Tessa Dean 
    Taneli Heinonen
    Anni Leppänen 

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