Topic outline

  • Please note: This one-credit module is an elective part of the course CHEM-E0105 Academic Learning Community (ALC). Consequently, the credit from this module will be given to the students only upon completion of the whole ALC course. At the moment, the materials are freely accessible to anyone for self-studying, so after self-enrolment you are welcome to browse through the materials and take a look at the video lectures.

    Register as a student on the Matlab module through self-enrolment: open Syllabus, click self enrolment (on the far right of the screen) and enter the key MATLAB2020

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    After attending the module, the students

    • are familiar with the Matlab environment and can perform basic operations, such as simple programming, importing data and plotting graphics
    • are able to create and combine variables (scalars, vectors, matrices)
    • are familiar with basic numerical methods, such as numerical differentiation and integration integrals, approximate derivatives, and solving linear systems
    • can use Matlab solver(s) for solving differential equations

    Access to MATLAB

    Students need to have access to a computer with MATLAB installed. Which version matters little as the course will be using very basic functionality which hardly changes between versions.

    Please also install System Identification Toolbox.

    You can download Matlab and Simulink directly from the MathWorks site ( From there, you can find the most recent version and you can choose the toolboxes to be downloaded (just Matlab, Simulink, and Control System Toolbox suffices). For downloading and installing the software from the MathWorks pages, you have to create a MathWorks account, where you should use your Aalto email address. At the end of installation, you will need the activation key, which you can find from the Aalto Download page

    Access to ZOOM

    Lectures/Exercises are given remotely using Zoom.

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