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  • WAT Personal Learning Portfolio 2020-

    NOTE: This page is no longer updated. Please, see here for the updated information on WAT Portfolio, Master's Thesis process, and well-being:

    Course: WAT Personal Learning Portfolio, Topic: Master's Thesis Process (

    However, you can still submit your final portfolio version through the submission box in this page.

    These pages provide you information about Personal Learning Portfolio (PLP) that all WAT degree students will do as part of their studies. For general information related to your studies, please have a look at the Into pages of our WAT Master's Programme. 

    The aim of the portfolio process is: 

    • To assess and reflect your summative learning, based on your Personal Study Plan (PSP) -> This also helps you to plan your future studies 
    • To learn to document your skills and knowledge
    • To do all this together with your fellow students (mentor group) and your Aalto mentor

    The portfolio process runs throughout the entire Master's Programme, and you have to submit your final portfolio before graduating from our Master's Programme. It does require time, but you are also credited for that: 2 credits of WAT-E1100 course are allocated for the portfolio process, corresponding some 54 hours of work. 

    Majority of the work on portfolio is done individually as well as with Mentor Groups that were formed during the WAT Orientation Days. You must include a short reflection of your meeting as an Annex to your portfolio. For more details, see the instructions document below. 

    The portfolio process also includes meetings with your Aalto Mentor (a member of WAT staff). Timetable for those meetings is agreed separately with your mentor.  

    In order to keep track of your portfolio process, you must submit an updated version of your portfolio through Submission sub-page on left (requires Aalto login). For more information, browse these pages or contact Meeri or Marko. 

    WAT Common Courses and Advanced Courses

    The portfolio process aims to ensure that you make most out of your Master's studies, and it therefore links closely to your personal Study Plan (PSP). To help you plan your studies, the diagram below (also available below as a separate file) shows the timetable for WAT common courses i.e. 2courses (in orange during Period I) as well as advanced courses in (in different shades of blue in Periods II-V).   

    WAT courses for 2020-21