Topic outline

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    After the course, you
    • are able to identify, define and evaluate factors that affect your teaching
    • are able to recognize different theories of learning and you have become aware of how they influence teaching
    • have formed your own approach to teaching and learning/ teaching philosophy and you have knowledge on how to develop your teachership and teaching
    • recognize factors, which affect to the quality of teaching
    • are able to understand your teaching in a wider context and envisage the expertise provided by your own field of teaching and the future prospects of the field.

    Course contents
    • Learning theories and practice, approaches to teaching and learning 
    • Teaching assessment and quality as a part of teaching development/curriculum design
    • Societal and ethical connections in university teaching
    • Future views to one's own teaching substance/discipline
    • Developing oneself as a teacher

    Schedule in spring 2021 - online sessions
    • Wed 20.1. at 9:00
    • Thu 28.1. at 9:00
    • Wed 17.2. at 9:00
    • Tue 23.3. at 9:00

    Course teachers
    Teacher-in-charge Jukka Välimäki (, Pedagogical specialist, School of Chemical Engineering
    Teacher Tiina Pylkkönen (, Pedagogical specialist, School of Arts, Design and Architecture