Topic outline

  • Welcome to learn about energy research

    This 100% online course organised in conjunction with the Energy Institute of the University of Michigan, USA is aimed at Doctoral Students and anyone with an interest related to the current research in the fields of energy storage, batteries, materials sustainability and electrification.

    In order to complete the course (1cr), Doctoral students are required to:

    • Register to the each individual lecture session day they are interested in here
    • Select seven (7) non-Aalto lecturer presentations to attend
    • Write a short abstract for each lecture (1 to 2 pages) that contains the following:
      • An Introduction/Overview and Discussion/Summary of the main points from the presentations.
    • These abstracts should be incorporated into a single report (no more than 15 pages in total)

    Deadline for final report submission: 30th November 2020