Topic outline

  • Visitor/keynote speaker: Jani-Petri Martikainen, senior university lecturer, SCI, Department of Applied Physics

    All the course material used during the first day will be found here: the slides, the assignments along with the instructions and the material you have made in the class. The submission boxes for your first assignment (reading, teaching observation, group work and reflection) are here as well.

    • Instructions: 

      Read chapter 2 "What generates learning?" and chapter 3 "How do I create an environment that supports learning?", p. 9–26 from Hemminki, M. Leppänen, M. & Valovirta T. 2013. Get inspired! A guide for successful teaching.

      Read the text so that you can discuss it with your peers both in your small group as well during the online session. The title of this box and the title of the book are both links to the e-book. You can download a pdf file of the pages you want. There is also a Finnish version of the book available ("Innostu ja onnistu opetuksessa") with the same content.

      After reading the text, you can mark this activity as completed by clicking the check mark in the right corner.

    • Instructions:

      • Arrange a meeting with your small group - you can find your own subgroup in the announcement you received from Jukka P. on September 10. E-mail (anyone of you can be the first to mail) and fix a time for your meeting.
      • Your meeting can be virtual (Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.)
      • Discuss the article you have read. You can also plan your teaching observation or discuss your observation sessions.
      • Submit your notes and reflections (one per group) in in this discussion forum. Notes should include an explanation (not just a list) about at least:
        • What did you discuss?
        • What did you observe?
        • What did you think about the article?
        • etc. relevant discussion
      • Remember to write your names on your group post.
      • Your posts to this discussion area are visible to the teachers and the course participants.
      When your group has posted, you can mark this activity as completed by clicking the check mark in the right corner.

    • What would you like to know about Learning Services at Aalto? Post here at least 1 question. You'll see others' questions after posting at least one.

      Aalto University Learning Services (LES) is responsible for all services which facilitate the smooth progression of studies at the university. If it helps: Links to the Learning Services of the schools at

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    • The submission box for the substitute assignment for those who couldn't be present in class on Day 1.

      If you were absent the whole session 1 on 10.9.2020

      Please read through slides of day 1 and the presentation of Petra Ekroos.

      Reflect them through your own experiences and expectations as a teaching assistant. You can, for instance, think of situations in teaching where you could support interaction.

      Or you can also reflect on teaching and learning situations where interaction would have been needed

      Please reflect also your role as a teaching assistant (if you have been in this task before).

      Please write one (1) to 1,5 A4 pages and submit it here to this assignment box.

      If you were absent partly (from 9:00-10:00)

      Please read and reflect through the slides of Petra Ekroos. Please reflect on your own role as a teaching assistant.
      Did you receive any new thoughts? or did you receive support or encouragement? Or did you disagree on anything what she has put into his slides?

      Please write a half (0,5) to one (1) A4 page and submit it here to this assignment box.

    • Please, answer in Presemo to these two questions:

      What was good?

      What would you change?