Topic outline

  • Visitor/keynote speaker: Jenni Tulensalo (Planning officer, master's studies, Dean's Unit of the School of Electrical Engineering)

    All the course material used during the second day is found here: the slides and the assignments along with the instructions.

    For those who did not attend, the substitute assignment to compensate for the missed class is at the bottom of the page.

    • Here attached you can find the materials by planning officer Jenni Tulensalo (ELEC).

      If you would like to contact your own school's Learning services, you can use these addresses: - Learning Services BIZ - Learning Services ENG ­- Learning Services CHEM - Learning Services SCI - Learning Services ELEC - Learning Services ARTS

      and another link to

      and a link to teacher's IT tools

    • Find here the posters you made in Jamboard.

    • Instructions:

      Read chapter 5, "How do I teach?", pp. 39–49 from Hemminki, M. Leppänen, M. & Valovirta T. 2013. Get inspired! A guide for successful teaching.

      Read the text so that you can discuss it with your peers both in your small group as well as in class. The title of the box and the title of the book are both links to the e-book. You can download a pdf file of the pages you want.

      After reading the text, you can mark this activity as completed by clicking the check mark in the right corner.

    • Instructions:
      • Arrange a face-to-face/virtual meeting (second) with your small group (in Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.)
      • Discuss the article you have read. You can also plan your teaching observation or discuss your observation sessions.
      • Submit your notes and reflections (one per group) in in this discussion forum. Notes should include an explanation (not just a list) about at least:
        • What did you discuss?
        • What did you observe?
        • What did you think about the article?
        • etc. relevant discussion
      • Remember to write your names on your group post.
      • Your posts to this discussion area are visible to the teachers and the course participants.
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    • Study psychologists visit our Day 3. To prepare for it:

      1. Check out this page:

      2. Post here at least 1 question or point, that is related to the page linked above. You'll see others' posts after posting at least one yourself.

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    • For those who could not join the whole contact session 2

      Read the slides for day 2 and write your thoughts and reflections on the two following topics:

      1. Read through Jenni Tulensalo's slides about Learning services functions. Write and reflect what was new to you in them/have you encountered situations as a TA in which you have used their services/or could have used them. Write down if you still have any questions, or something was unclear.
        (Write ½–1 page on this topic).

      2. With reference to the three levels of thinking about teaching, how can different teachers affect how students learn (surface or deep approach to learning)? Do you see any problems if a student uses only the surface approach or only the deep approach to study in all of their courses? How can students cope with learning subjects in the given amount of time? Address all of the questions in this topic. (Write 1–2 pages on this topic)

      For those who were not able to join the "keynote" part (from 9-10):

      1. Do the part one described above.

      Your text should not exceed three pages in all.