Topic outline

  • Options to observe teaching outside Aalto:

    Upper secondary schools

    Haukilahden lukio (located in Otaniemi) - teaching in Finnish
    You can find a separate list of teachers who you can contact

    Etelä-Tapiolan lukio IB (International Baccalaureat) - located in Ahertajantie, Tapiola (Espoo) - teaching in English
    (physical location: same building as WeeGee/Emma modern art museum)

    List of teachers whom you can contact separately attacted under "Other teaching observations"

    AMK's (Universities of applied sciences)

    DIAK ( - Diaconia University of Applied sciences, Helsinki campus located in Kyläsaari/Arabia

    contact person in Diak (Bachelor degree in Social Sciences) lecturer Hanna Lamberg (
    We are waiting for some more names from them

    Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (in capital region Espoo/Vantaa/Helsinki) - update 5.11.2020

    Contact information:  Senior lecturer Heikki Valmu, located in Myyrmäki (Vantaa) campus
    Teaches electrical engineering courses in English, e-mail, area in Finnish puhdas ja älykäs teknologia

    You can mail him directly and ask for his courses' times (either live or online with Zoom)
    In the phone call he said he is very busy, but tries to reply as soon as he can.


    1. You will find teacher's name/course from these lists
    2. You will mail to this teacher and ask for a possibility to observe her/his course/teaching.
    Ask for several time options. You can also present yourself by telling your position (" I am professor/lecturer in field X and teach these topics etc.")
    3. The teacher replies and hopefully suggests options.
    4. You together will set the time & course.
    5. You will observe the course either live or online depending on the situation.
    6. After this session, you two could have a short session (e.g. Zoom) where you can ask more/or give constructive feedback/your thoughts what you observed.
    7. You yourself will write a short summary/description each of these outside observations to you personal teaching report (DL 3.5.2021).

    Pls see the report structure in our first session slides. 

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      Etelä-Tapiolan lukio/Upper secondary school IB-section File DOCX

      list of teachers whom you can contact at Etis IB.
      Teaching in English.

      Location: Ahertajantie, Tapiola, Espoo.

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      Haukilahden lukio/Upper secondary school File DOCX