Topic outline

  • Themes

    • Culture and communication
    • Teaching and learning in a multicultural environment
    • Diversity and unconscious biases
    • Teaching through English

    Learning outcomes

    After the course the teacher:

    • will be aware of the impact of culture on learning and communication
    • will recognize how their own cultural background may influence learning and communication
    • will have better understanding how to teach multicultural students groups
    • will have a more in depth view of the students' situation
    • will be more aware of unconscious biases and diversity
    • will have more confidence in teaching in English
    • will have more experience of multicultural teamwork in practice

    Teaching and learning methods on this online course include introductions to new topics, group work, experimentation through practice, demonstrations, case examples and peer feedback. Participants are encouraged and expected to have an active role in their learning process.

    To pass this course you have to:

    • Introduce yourself in a short video to the rest of the group
    • Participate in online sessions and group project & present the group project
    • Do your online teaching session in English 
    • Summarize your experiences in a min. two page reflection
    Weekday Date Time Location Zoom IDs
    Wednesday   April 14
     Online  62629174862
    Wednesday   April 28  13-15  Online  62629174862
    Wednesday  May 12  13-15  Online  62629174862
    Wednesday  May 26  13-15  Online  62629174862
    Wednesday  June 9
     12-15  Online  62629174862