Topic outline

  • Here are two different discussion boards, one for the "Best Practices" where you can share things you've tried and seen working well. The other one is to share you so-called "Culture Bumps", how you invited a Dutch researcher to your summer house and he couldn't sleep all weekend for the fear of bears or some other culture-bound issues.
    • Please share your tried practices that you've seen work. This is an open discussion forum where you can also ask for help on a specific issue - someone may have had a similar issue and have found a solution to it.

    • It's not easy integrating into new surroundings, even within the same country you may have done something you feel you shouldn't have or someone has misunderstood you completely. Sharing your experiences enlivens and enriches the course, completely voluntary! You may also have a question, please ask, in our diversified group someone may have the answer!