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    Power of Self-Compassion in Stress-Management

    At the heart of stress there can be the feeling that the demands of the situation exceed one’s own means and resources. That stress can be caused by both over- and under-alertness, but also by one's own feelings of inadequacy.

    Welcome to join us to our exercises for a kinder, more accepting attitude towards life

    You have come to the right place if:

    • Your thoughts about yourself are sometimes judgmental
    • You have feelings of inadequacy
    • You are otherwise just dissatisfied with your life or you have a hard time connecting with your feelings
    • You want to find out what self-compassion really means

    Self-compassion is one of the most beneficial skills you can learn in life!

    This course consists of mindfulness exercises that help us to nurture an accepting and empathetic relationship with ourselves. There is also a chance to connect and reflect your thoughts with other students, but also possibility to just self-reflect by journaling.

    Mindfulness refers to a conscious acceptance of the present. It helps us to perceive the environment around us as well as our own thoughts, feelings and bodily senses just the way they are. These exercises help us to develop an accepting and friendly relationship with ourselves. However, mindfulness and self-compassion do not mean the same as “ just think positive”-attitude – so, during this course we will also form skills to live with the ambivalence and uncertainty of life.

    For whom? This group workshop is specifically aimed for bachelor and master level Aalto students (however, PhD-students are also welcome if the course isn’t already full when the enrolment closes). Language is English. 

    When? The 5 meetings will all be held in Zoom. Thursdays 4.11, 11.11, 18.11, 25.11 and 2.12.2021 at 14:00-16:00. We hope that all the participants check the timetable before enrolling, because attendance for all sessions is crucial part of this group workshop!

    Who are the teachers? Aalto’s study psychologists Sanni Saarimäki ( and Merita Petäjä.

    Enrolment via this webropol link:

    (When enrolling, you will have to answer a few questions. This will take about 5 minutes.)

    The maximum amount of participants is 40. 

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