Topic outline

  • Suomi 1


    maanantai & keskiviikko kello 16.30-18.00

    opettaja: Maija Lepola (

    materiaali: Oma suomi 1, kpl 1-5

    Näissä kaikissa vertailuissa Suomi on maailman paras - Savon Sanomat

    Welcome to study Finnish!

    We will have our first remote lesson on Monday 26.4.2021 at 4:30 pm (klo 16.30). When you join the Zoom-meeting, please write your full name (first name and surname) as user name. Keep your microphone muted and your video on. It is also important to keep your video on in the breakout rooms. If you want to comment on or ask something please do so at any time! Below you can find the Zoom link; we will use the same link for every lesson. You can join the meeting at 16:15 onwards.

    Nähdään kurssilla!

    Terveisin Maija

  • You will shoot a short video (creates 30% of the final grade) (max. 2 min.) on MyCourses.

    1. Choose one topic:
             a) My daily routines 
             b) My home in Finland / in my home country
             c) My family

    2. Rehearse your speech and use just a list of key words when recording (this way it sounds more natural). I have added a list of questions for you (they might help you to organize your speech).

    3. Open the assignment below and record the video by clicking the video camera symbol on the right side of the toolbar.
        You can delete the video as many times as you wish and submit the one that you are satisfied with.

  • Tule Zoomiin! Come to Zoom!

    The idea of the test is to provide feedback (to the student and teacher) on what you already know and what needs to be reviewed.
    Please, do no use any supporting material when doing the test - just show what you know and can do at this point. Kiitos!