Topic outline

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    ELEC-E7410 Communication Transmission Lines course will start on Monday 24.5.2021 at 14:15 using Teams video meeting.  Invitation to Teams workspace will be sent to registered students. There will be four lectures, each including a demo session illustrating or highlighting a specific topic.

    Exercise sessions are held in every Tuesday starting from 1.6.2021 at 15:15 using Teams video meeting. During these meetings you are welcome to participate and discuss exercises or laboratory works.

    Laboratory exercises are held in TUAS building laboratory space in 2nd floor room 2535. One or two students can work at the laboratory at a time. See the "Laboratory exercises" page for details on the arrangements and schedule.

    NOTE: If you started the course last year, but did not finish it, you can now use your existing laboratory measurements and write reports based on those. Please check with the course personnel, that you have all the relevant measurements. Book a timeslot for laboratory work, if you are missing any measurements. 

    Welcome to the course!