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  • In this session, Vice President for Education, professor Petri Suomala, and the Director of Learning Services, Eija Zitting, will welcome incoming students to Aalto University. This is a great opportunity to meet them both and to discuss doctoral education at Aalto.


    Doctoral education is organised under Vice President for Education, Petri Suomala, in learning services. Learning services of Aalto University are headed by Eija Zitting. Doctoral education services as part of Learning services, are headed by Minna Söderqvist.

    Every school has its own doctoral programme. See more at

    Every programme has a doctoral programme committee. Information on them can be found from every programme's INTO pages. The head of the doctoral programme committee is the doctoral programme director. 

    Doctoral programme directors discuss joint doctoral education issues in the doctoral education working group (DEWG) together with planning offiicers of the programmes. DEWG is lead by vice president (education).

    In addition, schools have planning officers and coordinators who provide doctoral education services. See who they are at

    See more useful information on doctoral education for all Aalto doctoral students at

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