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    This workspace is for submitting drafts of theses or dissertations for comments and the final version for grading. On submission, a Turnitin similarity report is generated automatically. The report shows similarities between the submitted text and sources in the comparison databases. By exposing similar text, the report supports scientific writing, and it helps prevent unintended or intended plagiarism. Read the Aalto University Turnitin instructions, especially the part on how to interpret a Turnitin similarity report.

    The final version of the thesis is submitted to a separate return box, where the similarity report is generated and the paper is archived in Turnitin's student paper repository so as to protect it against plagiarism.

    • Before you can submit your work to the appropriate return box in "Thesis versions", 1. enrol yourself to this workspace by clicking Syllabus on the upper right of the page > Self enrolment (login with Aalto account is required) and 2. answer the question below.