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      In this forum students can start discussions and answer each other, and the teacher and the students can interact. Example of use: finding a study group for readings and assignments. 
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      The updated literature with final reading for Lectures 11 and 12.

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      You can sign up for a slot during office hours in link provided on the General course page just below this link. 

      Office hours are planned for:
      Tuesday 12.10, 9-10
      Friday 15.10, 13-14
      Tuesday 19.10, 9-10
      Friday 22.10, 13-14
      Monday 25.10, 13-14

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      Office hours are held on 5 occasions, as specified in the spreadsheet. Please sign up for a slot so I can plan accordingly. 
      The office hours are meant mainly for two purposes: 
      1. Asking questions about the course material, consult on how to study for the course. 
      2. Asking questions/advice and discussing the topics more generally (relevant for students interested in learning more about a topic, writing a thesis in development economics etc.)
      Students can book a time slot for an individual meeting or for a group.