Topic outline

  • Dear all,

    Welcome to the home page of People Management in Multinational Organizations.

    It is now clear that we will be able to organize this year's course in regular face-to-face mode, fortunately!

    You can access the latest version of the course syllabus below.

    The course will be taught on campus, with the lectures taking place in U006 (School of Business, Ekonominaukio 1). All participants are strongly advised to participate in the lectures on campus and to be noted is that “active participation” (including the possibility to earn participation points) requires presence in class. However, for the benefit of participants who belong to a risk group, are ill or due to a force majeure are unable to participate in class, the lectures will also be streamed through Zoom through this link:

    Please get in touch if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Ingmar (Inkku) Björkman and Valentina Arrieta