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  • Welcome to the Venture Formation course

    This course will be delivered online this year and requires attendance in the three sessions, which will be held on Zoom. The links to the online sessions will be posted a few days before each session is scheduled to take place.

    Please read the full renewed syllabus below for autumn 2021,  prior to the course start. 

    The course requires prior completion of the Venture Ideation course (25E50000) or of a similar course or prior practical experience with entrepreneurship/startups. Students without any of the above who are interested to take the course should familiarize themselves with the basic precepts of entrepreneurship through one of the recommended textbooks below, in advance of the start of the course: 

    1. Barringer B. R. and Ireland D. (2012) Entrepreneurship: Successfully launching new ventures. Pearson.

    2. Spinelli S., Adams R. and Timmons J. A. (2015) New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. McGraw Hill Higher Education.

    To emphasise, from the generic syllabus for the years 2020 and 2021:

    Admission to this course is generally at the team level and teams will have completed the Venture Ideation course (25E50000) or something similar. The maximum number of teams admitted is 10.

    If teams have passed through Venture Ideation, then they will be accepted automatically.

    If you have not completed Venture Ideation, please contact the course main teacher during the registration period and we will assess your application to join the course.  We may ask for a 3' venture idea pitch to be submitted at the time of registration. 

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