Topic outline

  • This year the lectures will be on-site but can also be followed remotely. The class room is T004 on Mondays and V001 on Wednesdays (except 6.10. in U006). There is a single zoom-link to all the lectures, and you can find it below on this page.

    The requirements for passing the course:
    1. Weekly reading assignements: 20% of the grade
    2. Team assignment (case): 20% of the grade
    3. Exercises: 20% of the grade
    4. Exam: 40% of the grade

    (50% of total required to pass, no individual thresholds for different components)

  • This page contains lecture notes for the lectures (pdf-files "Lecture notes part 1-4"). In addition, you can find below recordings from most of the lectures. Unfortunately, some of the recordings are defected due to unsolved technical problems. However, the lecture notes (the pdf-files below) and the problem sets (on page Exercises) contain all the material that is required for the exam.

  • There will be 6 reading assignments - one for every lecture week. The assignments and submission dead-lines will be specified below as the course proceeds. These assignments make max 20% of your grade (5 out of 6 assignments required for maximum points). 

    Many of the articles can be accessed via Aalto library (use VPN connection and your Aalto account to access them). If you have trouble accessing some material, send e-mail to the teacher.

  • The course has three problem sets that will appear on this page. You are supposed to work through the problems and return your answers in the return box before the corresponding exercise session. The exercises make 20% of your grade.

  • The exam is an open-books remote exam. The exam sheet (pdf) will be made available on this page the minute the exam starts. You have three hours + 15 minutes extra to make sure you have enough time to prepare and submit your answers. Answer with pen and paper, then take a photo and transfer preferably into pdf. The return box closes automatically at 12:15. Please start submission process in good time to make sure that your submission is filed in time (and check beforehand that your equipment for transferring your photos to files works well!)

    This is an open books exam, but you are not allowed to communicate with others during the exam time. By returning your answer, you affirm that you have adhered to this rule.