Topic outline

  • Obligatory starting lecture Mon 13.9.2021 at 15.15-16.00



    In order to have adequate safety and social distancing in our course CHEM-E7115 - Experimental Assignment in Chemical Engineering we are following the following rules


    General instructions

    • Come only healthy to the lab
    • If you have any symptoms act according the general rules given by the University and Finnish government
    • In general, follow the rules given by the University and the Finnish government

     Course specific instructions

    • Come to the lab only in agreement with the teacher
    • Use the entrance Kemistintie 1 E1, “Chemical engineering “ -lobby
    • Wash your hands, place your belongings in the locker in the corridor and wear your goggles and lab coat
    • We advice you also to wear a mask
    • During the experiments including stabilation times (also waiting times in the lobby) avoid near contact, 2 m safety distance.
    • During the experiments it is sometimes unavoidable to work in somewhat closer contact. This time is always less than 15 min, thus considered safe.
    • In the end remove your mask and gloves and wash your hands. Return to your locker, pack your belongings.

    Specific notes

    •  You must have your own lab coat and goggles obviously you can also use those provided by the University (found in B112b hall, C113 hallway cabinet,D209c). Without these you cannot enter the lab. The teachers have a limited opportunity to guarantee the hygiene of spare coats and goggles

    Teachers rules (in addition to those above)

    • wear a mask and goggles or a visor
    • wash your hands
    • wear gloves