Topic outline

  • ELEC-E8116 Model-based control systems

    Lecturer: Kai Zenger, TuAs 3574,  kai.zenger(at)  

    Lectures on Thursdays at 8.15 – 10.00  Teams.  (Note: the first lecture is exceptionally on Wednesday 15.9, 14:15-16)

    Assistant: Nguyen Khac Hoang, TuAs, 3571,

    Exercises on Wednesdays at 14.15 – 16.00  Teams. (Note: the first exercise is on Thursday, 16.9, 14:15-16; the second exercise is on Wednesday, 22.9, 14:15-16).

    For the Teams meeting use the link

    You will then be granted the right to follow the course lectures and exercises (Teams group: Model-based control systems - 2021).

    Course textbook: 

    Glad, Ljung:  Control Theory, (multivariable and nonlinear methods), Taylor and Francis, 2000.  

    Passing the course:
    Two intermediate exams or one full exam are needed to pass the course.  The intermediate exams have 3 problems each, max 15+15 = 30 points.  The full exam has five problems, max. 30 points altogether.

    •First intermediate exam on Wednesday 27.10.2021, 14:00-16:00.  The second intermediate exam on Wednesday 15.12.2021, 14:00-16:00.  (How the examinations are arranged will be decided later).  Intermediate exams cannot be repeated.  The first full exam is on Wednesday, 22.12.2021, 13:00 – 16:00.  You can participate to all above exams without separate registration (the registration to the course is sufficient).  To all later exams you have to register.

    •Six homework problems are given during the course. You must do and leave for evaluation at least three homework problems.  However, to get more homework points it is reasonable to do as many homework exercises as possible, preferably them all.  The homework results are scaled to give a maximum of 6 points to be added to the exam result.    The final grade is determined based on the sum of two intermediate exams (or full exam) and the homework points. The grade evaluation is done based on 0-36 points.  18 points is always enough to pass.

    •It is believed that all lectures and exercise hours are arranged as distant learning (Teams).  If that changes, announcement is given in MyCourses.  In other aspects also it is good to follow course information in MyCourses regularly.

    •There are regular lectures and exercise hours in the course.  Homework problems are published separately in MyCourses (Assignments).  They must be done and returned in MyCourses according to a given time-table. Help to the homework problems can be received by contacting the assistant or lecturer.

    •The homework points and intermediate exam results remain valid, until the course lectures start again (Fall 2022).

    •Lecture slides and problems with solutions appear on the course pages in the MyCourses portal.

    •Use the Sisu system to register yourself to the course.  It is not necessary to register to the exams 27.10, 15.12 and 22.12.  You must however register to the next full exams after that. (E.g. the full exam 10.1.2022).