Topic outline

  • General

    Fall 2021 the lectures will be organised as Zoom (or TEAMS) webinars, which will be recorded and available for later usage or pre-recorded video lectures (or some combination of these). First lecture will be held on 14th of Septemner in Zoom starting at 8.30 o'clock.

    The zoom meeting links can be found from "Materials" section in the lecture folders. New link will be provided to each lecture.

    NB. All live events (excluding the intermediate exams) will start at 8.30 (NOT 8.15) o'clock.

    The course syllabus and tentative schedule can be found in the "Materials" section

    All official information, like the schedules and the instructions for the assignments and intermediate exams, will be sent via the "announcements" forum.

    The "DfR discussion" forum is for more unformal discussion, Q/A etc. Please use it actively to communicate with your peers or with Vesa