• Course Overview

    Materials and Microsystems Integration (MMI) introduces students to the world of smart systems integration. This course will discuss current electronic packaging methods and extend this to advanced 3-dimensional integration of electronics. Materials, materials compatibility and technologies used to achieve electronic integration will be discussed, as well as a teardown lab designed to give you experience in scientific writing, designing of experiments and interpretation of results from state-of-the-art components using unique integration methods.

    • Course responsible person: Dr. Glenn Ross (glenn.ross@aalto.fi)
    • Lab work responsible person: (M.Sc) Ms. Fahimeh Emadi  (fahimeh.emadi@aalto.fi)
    • Graduate course for 4/5 year students
    • Structure: Lectures, homework and teardown lab work 
      • Lectures will be online (Zoom). A link to the Zoom session can be found under "Sections" and the respective lecture.

    Requirements & Grading

      • No exam
      • You are expected to participate in all lectures, lab work sessions and presentations
        •  If you cannot participate a lecture/lab work session, please contact the course responsible person.
      •  Grading from 0 (failed) to 5 (excellent)
        • 1/3 from homework (individual)
        • 2/3 from teardown  lab work, report and presentation/discussion session (individual and group)

    Course schedule

    Course schedule

    Course Material

    • Fundamentals of Microsystems Packaging
      • Ed. R. Tummala
        • Ch. 1,2 6-10 & 16
    • Handbook of Silicon Based MEMS Materials and Technologies, 3rd Edition
      • Edited by M.Tilli, M. Paulasto-Kröckel, M. Petzold, H. Theuss, T. Motooka, and V.Lindroos
        • Part IV: Ch. 23-26, 32, 33