Topic outline

  • This is the home page of a course in measure and integration theory. The course practices will be discussed in the first lecture on Mon 1 Nov 2021. Lectures are held in M233 (M2). We have adopted a flipped classroom model for the course. The participants are expected to study the announced pages of the lecture notes before each lecture. 


    Mon 1 Nov: Pages 1-10 of the lecture notes.

    Thu 4 Nov: Pages 11-19 of the lecture notes.

    Mon 8 Nov: Pages 20-30 of the lecture notes.

    Thu 11 Nov: Pages 31-42 of the lecture notes.

    Mon 15 Nov: Pages 43-55 of the lecture notes.

    Thu 18 Nov: Pages 56-66 of the lecture notes.

    Mon 22 Nov: Pages 66-75 of the lecture notes.

    Thu 25 Nov: Pages 76-85 of the lecture notes.

    Mon 29 Nov: Pages 86-97 of the lecture notes.

    Thu 2 Dec: Pages 98-115 of the lecture notes.

    Wed 8 Dec: Pages 116-126 of the lecture notes.

    Thu 9 Dec: Pages 127-139 of the lecture notes.

    Grading: There is no final exam. The grading is based on homework assignments and attendance. 

    Solved homework assignments      Grade

    90%                                                    5

    80%                                                    4

    70%                                                    3

    60%                                                    2

    50%                                                    1

    Please join the zulip chat instance if you want to ask questions about the lectures or the exercises. Any important information will also be announced via mycourses.

    Instructor: Juha Kinnunen

    Assistant: Julian Weigt

  • The homework assignments are discussed in tutorials on Fridays at 10-12 in M233 (M2). The deadline for handing in the solutions is on Mondays at 16:00 starting 15 November 2021. Please return written solutions to the mailbox outside M226.

    In case you have any questions concerning the homework assignments, please contact Julian Weigt in M241. You can come to his office or write him an email at any time.