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    Programming II will be arranged as a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), which utilises modules 8-14 of the Java programming course provided by the University of Helsinki (the course was recently updated in 2020 for improved user experience). An aalto-specific 2021 course link to the MOOC is now provided at carefully the step-by-step installation instructions given in the instruction slides (see below). 

    • The last final exam is on 4.2 at 14:00 and it will be available from this course home page as an online exam. You need to enrol to the exam through Sisu.
    • The exercises should be completed by December 13, the night before the first exam, which is arranged by Aalto on December 14. Thus, there is a single deadline for all exercises, and 80% of each 7 exercise modules should be completed in order to proceed to the next one. You should reserve plenty of time for conducting the coding exercises (do them weekly), as they take time to complete. The weight of the final exam is 50% of the grade. Click the Syllabus button on the right hand side for syllabus info - more detailed information is provided at the slides below
    • There are no compulsory lectures in the course, but online help sessions on Tuesdays will be arranged via Zoom, first one on November 2 at 16.15 o'clock. Also a new chat platform (in Zulip) is in use for Q&A and peer support during the course. In case you have any questions regarding enrolment or the course, please contact Matti Rossi. If you have technical issues with Sisu registration, please contact Sisu help via
    • There will be help sessions arranged via Zoom on Tuesdays at 16:5 until December 7th.
    • Link to course chat forum at Use your Aalto ID, register to Zulip when entering the chat for the first time.
    • Live session recurring link is here.

    • Not available unless: You belong to any group
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      Programming II organising slides File PPTX

      Slides containing the tips and practicalities for registering to the platform, installing the necessary infrastructure and getting help.