Topic outline

  • The course will start on 1.3.2022 at 12:15 at Simulation laboratory - A113, Open innovation house, Maarintie 6.

    Please note that we also test to provide lectures to you via this Zoom: (Passcode: Space2022). However, please note that there is no guarantee that this hybrid approach always works.

    This course gives a brief introduction to space physics.

    You will become familiar with space weather and with various space environments in the Solar System. Especially, you become aware of different space plasma environments, how these environments affect to space devises and the Earth.

    ESA missions poster

    After the course you are familiar with different approaches and tools to describe and model space plasmas, especially, by state-of-art computer simulations.

    You have also become aware of numerous space missions and instruments which are currently observing the Solar System.

    The course contains the following topics:

    • Basics of space plasma physics
    • Basic properties of Solar System objects
    • Sun-Solar System object interaction types
    • Space weather
    • Space-borne and ground-based instrumentation
    • Spacecraft-environment interaction
    • Space probes for space weather research
    • Basic approaches to model space plasma
    • Space plasma simulations (e.g. MULTI simulation platform)
    • Visualization of 3D simulations with VR and AR


    Learning Outcomes:

    • After this course the student is aware of basics of space weather.
    • The student understands how the Sun drives space weather.
    • The student recognises the effects of space weather on Earth and other solar system objects.
    • The student is able to explain how the properties of an object in our solar system influence its space weather.
    • The student can describe how space weather can be studied with measurements and simulations.

    Course schedule

    Lectures on the period 01.03 - 31.05.2022:

    - Tuesday at 12:15-14:00, Simulation laboratory - A113, Open innovation house, Maarintie 6 (the last update: 14.2.2022)

    - Friday at 12:15-14:00, Simulation laboratory - A113, Open innovation house, Maarintie 6 (the last update: 14.2.2022)