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    Course results are now up; see below.

    The course will be arranged virtually - that is, with virtual lectures and meetings.

    The course focuses on overall understanding of cybersecurity including different types of threats and solutions and the evaluation of technological solutions. After the course students are expected to understand digital security.

    The course consists of a preliminary assignment, five lecture days in April and May, three group assignments (one of which is a case study project) and two individual assignments. Attending all the lecture days (for the whole time!) is mandatory; one absence is permitted if the reason is very good. All assignments are mandatory as well, and deadlines must be met! Group members will also grade each other, and this may have an effect on the overall grading as well.

    The course is graded pass/fail.

    This is a very high-level course; there are other courses that are much more technical. Some of these include:

    CS-C3130 Information Security
    CS-E4160 Laboratory Works in Networking and Security
    CS-E4300 Network Security
    CS-E4310 Mobile Systems Security
     Cryptography and Data Security
    CS-E4330 Special course on information security
    ELEC-E7330 Laboratory Course in Internet Technologies

    NB: All texts you submit must be written by you (in the case of group exercises, your group) in their entirety. Quotations are okay, as long as they are clearly marked as such.

    Hand in all personal and group assignments as PDF files (slide shows can be Keynote or PowerPoint files as well).

    The responsible teacher for this course is Professor Jarno Limnéll. The course assistant is Juho Kaivosoja.

    The schedules for the lecture days can be found in their own sections (in the menu on the left). Link to the virtual lectures can be found below - note that you need to be logged in and enrolled to see it.

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    • Preliminary Assignment

      Follow the news about the field of cybersecurity in media (TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, reports) for the beginning of the year 2022. Write a three-page essay analysing cyber warfare in Ukraine. How has war been waged in the cyber world? What's noteworthy about it? Prepare also a short presentation (a slide show as either a PDF, Keynote or a PowerPoint file) and be ready to present it during the first lecture on April 19th.

      Hand in two files; the essay as a PDF and the presentation.

      NB! Deadline April 19th at 9 am.