Topic outline

  • General

    Due to COVID-19, this course take place online. Please refer to the syllabus for more details.

    Please register for the course in Sisu by September 6th. The number of students is limited.* We will let you know about the status of your registration by September 9th. The first lecture of the course is on Monday, September 13th (12:15-14:00).

    * Students are given priority as follows: 1) Master’s students in the Industrial Engineering and Management program, 2) Master’s students in the Information Networks program for whom the course is compulsory, 3) exchange students in the Industrial Engineering and Management Master’s program, and 4) other students. Please indicate your priority group when registering. The priority group of selected students may be changed if there are strong reasons to do so. Please explain why you should be accepted to the course, especially if your situation is not favored by the formal prioritization rules.