Topic outline

    • Here you can find all the information about the installation including brief and schedule.

    • Please use this template and submit it as a packaged InDesign Folder by Wednesday evening (20.10)

      Here are some things to remember:

      • Final Files should be no bigger than 1GB
      • Black and White only (Keep RGB profile in template file)
      • Images: 300 DPI; TIFF,JPG or PDF (I recommend running a print test before to make sure they have good enough resolution for the scale) 
      • Bitmap: "you can use bitmap if you have a specific reason for that. If you don`t wan`t to have any special effect use 8 or 16 bit RGB mode"
      • Outline the text if you use Illustrator (include AI file in your links folder when sending me the final version)
      This should be all. If you have any questions, please get in touch. 🙂

      Best of luck. I look forward to see your ideas come to life.