Topic outline

  • General

    Practical Work Training with 3D printers

    Note: The workshop will be organized virtually because of the current pandemic.


    After this workshop, students are familiar with using 3D printers to produce physical objects from digital files. Students will get familiar with the Ultimaker 3D printers and the Ultimaker Cura slicing software for print file preparation. They will better understand what 3D printing is and what it can be used for. The course material (will be uploaded later to MyCourses > Materials) provides additional links and resources for further learning and exploration.

    This workshop is arranged as a single lecture in Zoom and NO practical session will be held in ADDLab. The workshop introduces the world of 3D printing - No previous knowledge or experience is required.

    An additional exercise is given during the workshop for students who wish to obtain 1 ECTS credit.


    Time: Monday 31.01.2022, 9:15 - 12:00

    Place: Online (via Zoom)

    Zoom link:

    Before the workshop

    1. Pre-install the most recent version of the Cura slicing software, available at:

    2. Take a look at and use a few moments to explore the free printable models uploaded by individual makers of the Thingiverse- community. Download the .stl file(s) of at least one interesting object. Preferably choose something small; less than 7 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm. Alternatively, if you have your own 3D design, you can use that.