Topic outline

  • The class provides an overview of asphalt materials used in road engineering. The list of topics includes:

    • Introduction to pavements.
    • Asphalt binder, characterization, testing (conventional, Performance Grade (PG), Multiple-Stress Creep- Recovery - MSCR, Linear Amplitude Sweep – LAS, etc.), and simple modeling.
    • Asphalt Mixture, components (aggregate, additives), mix design, characterization testing, performance.
    • Production techniques and recycling.
    • Construction and compaction.
    • Current road engineering research thematic.

    Sessions: Lectures are on Wednesday and Thursday (12:15-14:00) and Friday (10:15-12:00).

    Lectures time will be used either for (or a combination of) theoretical explanations, exercise, or seminar guest lectures. Three lectures will be devoted to reviewing the main topics presented during the class.