Topic outline

  • Course Information

    This project course is part of common studies courses in the Mechanical Engineering Master’s Programme. Here, the transferable skills learned in the MEC-E1001 course and the engineering skills learned in the other courses are put in practice. 

    Students, working in teams, will complete a specific mechanical design task, representative of mechanisms used in machines. They will develop an initial concept, carry out more detailed designs of critical components and build a prototype to demonstrate its working.

    The course grade is based on meeting the deadlines set for Milestones in the project, and on students’ individual contribution to the team effort.

    Credits: 5 ECTS

    Grading: 1 - 5

    Teachers in charge: Sven Bossuyt

    Lecture sessions will be held virtually via Zoom. 

    In case of any questions regarding the course, if they may be relevant to others, please ask them on the general discussion forum of the course. If they are unlikely to be of interest to anyone else please contact the assistant Ville Björklund (

    • Week 36-38: Group selection and pre-questionnaire

      Week 37-39: Stirling engine starter project (individual work)

      29/10: Concept pitch + peer review & 1st evaluation questionnaire

      19/11: Status report

      Week 47: Status report peer review & 2nd evaluation questionnaire

      10/12: Information poster

      17/12: Gala: Prototype demonstration & Demonstration gala reflections

      24/12: Final report & Final evaluation questionnaire

      Student groups will carry-out initial ideation for the group project during the month of September