Topic outline

  • The course will start  September 27th remotely at 14:15-16:15 with Teams.

    In production Engineering course you be required to research a particular area and produce a individual seminar work, present work, and act as opponent. There will be also two compulsory exercises:(simulation and CAM+demostration) and compulsory a series of questions.

    Coursebook: Serope Kalpakjian, Steven R. Smith, K.S. Vijay Sekar, Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, 7th ed. Pearson, ISBN 978-981-06-9406-7

    Course material: Nee, A. Y. (Ed.). (2015). Handbook of manufacturing engineering and technology. Springer Reference.

    All lectures, seminars, simulation and CAM sessions will be arranged through Teams.

    •Lecture sessions on Mondays from14:15-16:00 and Wednesdays from 12:15-14:00 (period I).
    27.09 Course introduction
    29.09 Industrial Robot
    04.10 Numerical control I
    06.10 Numerical control II
    11.10 Simulation I
    13.10 Simulation II 
    18.10 Robot programming
    20.10 Robot offline programming and simulation– from design to manufacturing

    Seminar presentations: 17.11, 24.11, 26.11, 01.12 and 02.12
    01.11 Simulation exercise 13:00-15 remotely

    08.11 CAM-session 09:00-11:00 remotely


    •29.11  13:00 -14:30 remotely

    Not compulsory

    •04.11 CAD-modelling session 12:15-14:00, remotely