Topic outline

  • General

    Course content
    The course introduces how the first principles of mechanics are applied to the ship structural design. After the course, the student knows 1) function of ship structure, 2) ship construction method, 3) structural design principles, 4) strength analysis of ship hull, and 5) limit state analysis in ship structural design.

    The course applies a modified problem-based learning concept, in where the teaching events are aligned to students ship structural design work. This work is composed systematically with the help of weekly assignments. Therefore, all students’ participation in the first lectures is compulsory in order to agree project groups and efficient working approaches for assignment work. If you cannot participate in the first lecture due to some urgent reason, please contact the teacher-in-charge.

    Course organization

    The course applies a weekly based learning cycle including personal pre-assignment, interactive lecture, question hour, and assignment work. The weekly assignments composed the project work at the end of the course. Assignments i.e. the mid-term project reports are submitted after every two or three weeks. The assignment and project work is preferred to be done by 2 or 3 person group. In addition, the personal learning of each student is measured by pre-assignments and final exam. The pre-assignments include a small reading assignment, short video lecture, and small questionnaire. According to this approach, the weekly based learning cycle is:

    1) Personal pre-assignment (Monday, 23:00, answer in MyCourse/pre-assignments -sheet)

    2) Interactive lecture (Tuesday, 12:15-14:00)

    3) Question hour related to assignment (Thursday, 9:15-10:00)

    4) Assignment work (Saturday 23:00, delivery every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week in Mycourse/assignment -sheet)

    After each assignment round, you start a new assignment round and obtain feedback from the previous round in written format. Being active in question hours (5 min PowerPoint presentation about progress and challenges), you can earn bonus points for final grading.


    Evaluation and Grading

    Personal work

    • Pre-assignments         15%
    • Final exam                   40%

    Group-based work

    • Weekly assignments    30%
    • Final project report      15%

    Possible bonus points from the group activity in question hours will increase the final grade from the course.