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  • Latest update (1.5.2022 at 22.18 o'clock). 

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  • Course is now graded (sorry about the delay!).
  • Your data should be in the "system" now!
  • The limit between grades 4 and 5 was 94 points.
  • If you are not happy with your grade and you want to raise/lower it, we can think of some extra tasks. Let's be in touch (on Monday 2.5.2022).

  • Thank you for attendance! It was also very nice to see you in tour lab!

  • We have some more courses for you, if you were interested in the topic and our style.
  • Autumn 2022:
  • - MEC-E3004 Fluid Power Systems
  • - MEC-E3005 Fluid Power Dynamics

  • Some new information still to come!

    Iloista vappua and have a nice summer!
    1. Research assignment 3 for Research Groups  Deadline 29.3.2022 (Simulation based study)
    - Simulation sessions on ...
    Thursday 10.3.2022 (video)
    Monday 14.3.2022
    Thursday 17.3.2022
    Deadline 29.3.2022
    Check Calculation exercises 2022 materials (exercise 6) for inspiration.

  • 2. Quizzes (1, 2, and 3) added + Calculation Quiz (extra points) (14.3.2022). Questions are related to lecture materials. Check ..
  • Quiz 1 (individual points)
  • Quiz 2 (individual points)
  • Quiz 3 (individual points)
  • Deadline extended -> 31.3.2022 for the 3 above
  • Calculation Quiz 1 (extra individual points)
  • Deadline 30.3.2022 for the 1 above

  • 3. NEW: Research Assignment 2  OPEN NOW. Calculation exercise 4 Wilson's pump model TEMPLATE (Mathcad template version 7 ) file added ... on Friday 18.2.2022 during Calculation assignment

  • 4. Simulation assignment (over, deadline 7.3.2022). Grading in progress (14.3.2022). Exercise recordings in TEAMS.

  • 5. Lecture materials 2022 updated (including slides of new lectures), lecyite recordings in TEAMS
  • Will be helpful in Quizzes!
  • Monday 28.2.2002 by Dr. Olof Calonius

  • Thursday 3.3.2022 change in lecturer (not by Prof. Matti Pietola) and theme updated -> Pumps and motors additional material 2022 ...  slide set

  • 6. Mathcad needed in Group Work Assignments.
    You can download free and limited version … very likely from …

    • You can also use Aalto’s classroom licenses remotely ….

      Remote usage of Aalto's workstations

      Check the page and possibilities, if you find it interesting:

      More info:                          (FI) ->Etätyö - VPN ja VDI                                                     (ENG) -> Remote Work

    We will continue on Thursday 20.1.2022 at 14.15 o'clock (TEAMS links below for Monday, Thursday, and Friday).

    Lecture materials will be added HERE. (Slide sets 0 -3 at the moment).

    Note! Lecture slides have been made with PDF-XChange Editor -> the equations should look correct, if you use this sotware

    The lectures and calculation exercises will be in TEAMS and it will be recorded, as well. We will also consider, if lectures in Campus would be possible (later on).

    You should have access to recordings (The first recordings 13.1.2022) in TEAMS by using TEAMS-LINK.  In TEAMS go to Files -> Recordings.

    Lecture links:

    Monday lecture at 12.15 o'clock TEAMS link (also some simulation, see the schedule)

    Click here to join the meeting

    Thursday lecture at 14.15 o'clock TEAMS link (also some simulation, see the schedule)

    Click here to join the meeting

    Friday calculation exercises at 14.15 o'clock TEAMS link (starting on 21.1.2022, 6 exercises, see the schedule).

    Click here to join the meeting

    "See" you soon!


    Jyrki Kajaste

    Course schedule 2022

    Update (7.1.2022 at 21.30 o'clock here)

    In our Fluid Power courses we will use …

    • Matlab
    • Simulink
    • Simscape Fluids (in this Basics course)

      As you have Aalto's IT license, you can download Matlab and some other useful software to your personal computers, if you like from web page ....

    • We will use also Mathcad, but you can’t download it from Aalto’s pages.
    Older material below ...