Topic outline

  • In Autumn 2021 the course will be arranged completely online (pre-recorded lectures, live zoom QA sessions, course chat, online TA sessions, assignments and project submitted online, project presentation online). The registration for the course lectures will be used to estimate the need for the online resources. If you are unable to register for the course at the moment in the Sisu, there is no need to email the lecturer. You can start taking the course and register before the end of the course. Sisu shows rooms on campus for the computer exercises, but all the computer exercises and TA sessions are online. You can choose which TA session to join each week separately, without a need to register for those sessions.

    This MyCourses course page will be used only to share links (see below) to Peergrade, Q&A session Zoom webinar, the course Zulip chat, and some questionnaires (using MyCourses for the authentication).

    For all other course information see the BDA course web page.