Topic outline

  • The course is organised mostly online in Zoom, but a few sessions with hybrid arrangements at campus (hybrid = possibility to attend remotely through Zoom). More detailed preliminary timetable for course contact sessions below.

    General timetable and task deadlines:


    The course applies student-centered and outcomes-based teaching and learning = the tasks and assignments are planned to address the intended learning outcomes (ILO) of the course, and the assessment is based on how well you perform in these exercises and how actively you attend the contact sessions. The contact sessions are not compulsory (except for the concept map tutoring session and final seminar), BUT due to reflective and participatory teaching methods, attendance is highly recommended (you will also earn points from attendance). 

    All the tasks and assignments need to be submitted to pass the course. Submission after due date decreases your grade. The evaluation criteria and grading of the course will be presented during the first contact session 3 Oct and the same information can be found afterwards in the session slides.